About Us & Laws & Agreements                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
About Us & Tutorial
Here at Gamerzjava.com We have collected a database unlike any other! This database includes Games, Movies, Music , Software & So much more! A good amount of our database is free but some in our Movies section you can watch the first twenty minutes of the movie before you have to pay the small fee to finish. The money goes to getting a new media server to make GamerzJava.com FREE! You do have to register to download. If you do, you ARE NOT UNDER ANY OBLIGATION to buy a membership. When making an account, membership options are available. After you make a FREE account you can still purchase a membership  in the Membership Options page. After you create a account login with your Username & Password by clicking Register & Login. After you login you will see your account status etc.
 Laws & Agreements
Section 1
Section 1-A
Gamerzjava.com IS NOT responsible for any misuse of the Emulators, Rom's, Movies, Music, Software, or anything else  on Gamerzjava.com the Rom's are for people who have the game or to sample before buying. Use the rom's at your own discretion.
Section 1-B
If your choose to request a Game, Movie, Song or piece of software at anytime there will be a charge of 1.25 to your account. The Item you requested will be granted to you free of charge. If you purchased a Membership Option the 1st of every month your account will be charged based upon the membership option you purchased. At the first of every month you will be charged for any requests you have made.

Section 1-C 
 If you have a Game, Movie, Song, etc. that Gamerzjava.com does not have go to the Contact Us Page and email us what you have and what you would like to trade it for. We will either accept or decline your trade within 72 hours of request. Please put 'trade' in the subject of the email.
Section 2
Section 2-A
If you wish to make a payment for a Membership with some other method other than PayPal then please Contact Us and we will provide you with further instructions. If you would like free downloads AFTER the ones we give you every month go to the Free Downloads Page to learn more about Points.
Section 2-B
Administrators & Moderators retain the right to get unlimited free downloads and service. Administrators Hold the right to give free membership and Make Moderators with the proper forms completed and filed. Moderators have the right to ban/Suspend any account for any hacks/cheat engines used.  If caught trying to cheat or hack Gamerzjava.com there will be severe penalties. Any threats and or improper language used in the Contact Us Section or on our forums WILL be suspended until further notice. 
Section 2-C

There is a limit of Two Accounts Per Household.  If there is more than Two Gamerzjava.com accounts in a Household then ALL ACCOUNTS will be suspended until a Moderator looks over and files the event for future reference and all but two accounts will be BANNED.