is looking for Beta Testers & Moderators! The key benifits of being a Beta Tester is unlimited downloads and views free, of course this is not a one sided deal, all we ask is that you provide simple info such as the if everything works OK as well as the quality etc. The key benifits of being a Moderator is pretty much the same as being a Beta Tester, you do pretty much the same thing as well as, Moderating our forums to comply with our rules. Making new designs for GamerzJava & GamerzJava Online. Making new banners and new artwork! You will get free unlimited requests of any movie tv series video game as well as any piece of software! if we dont have it we can get it within 24HR. Your job as a Moderator will be important to you as well as our customers as you work your way up to Administrator.

If you would like to sign up for a Beta Tester or Moderator Position here at Java, please send us a email to  the provided emails below with the lists of reasons we should take YOU (or your team) into consideration. These positions are for people who like testing and playing Video games, as well as watching movies and tv shows & among other things listening to music.

If you are already a Beta Tester or Moderator Please us the same Provided emails below to contact us, otherwise we will contact you.

For Beta Testers

For Moderators