Here at We have collected a database unlike any other! This database includes Games, Movies, Music , Software & So much more! A good amount of our database is free but some in our Movies section you can watch the first twenty minutes of the movie before you have to pay the small fee to finish. The money goes to getting a new media server to make FREE! You do have to register to download. If you do, you ARE NOT UNDER ANY OBLIGATION to buy a membership. When making an account, membership options are available. After you make a FREE account you can still purchase a membership  in the Membership Options page. After you create a account login with your Username & Password by clicking Register & Login. After you login you will see your account status etc.

Please not the is only BETA. if you have any suggestions for Java please contact me.


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Update #5 Monday Febuary 6th 2012

MOST IMPORTANT UPDATE PLEASE READ!!! The Community is having to put everything on hold due to recent events. We have deleted our entire FTP database. We still have our entire database on our own servers, but are in desperate need of a static IP. & (our blogs) Will remain up but in a unactive state. You will still be able to send me comments in the Contact Us section. If you still support and wish to help for our fight to make this site active. Please do what you can to help. Otherwise we will be forced to make this friends & family only. Thank you, i will be leaving an update #6 very soon.

Update #4 Saturday October 8th 2011 is looking for Beta Testers & Moderators! The key benifits of being a Beta Tester is unlimited downloads and views free, of course this is not a one sided deal, all we ask is that you provide simple info such as the if everything works OK as well as the quality etc. The key benifits of being a Moderator is pretty much the same as being a Beta Tester, you do pretty much the same thing as well as, Moderating our forums to comply with our rules. Making new designs for GamerzJava & GamerzJava Online. Making new banners and new artwork! You will get free unlimited requests of any movie tv series video game as well as any piece of software! if we dont have it we can get it within 24HR. Your job as a Moderator will be important to you as well as our customers as you work your way up to Administrator. To Sign Up or Request more INFO please visit the Contact Us Tab at the top of the page.

Update #3 Sunday October 3 2011

We are still moving Games, Movies, Music & Software to our Online database, via FTP. it takes about an hour a gig the average size of one movie is 700MBS, as most PC savy people know, a GIG is made up of a thousand MBs and one TB is a thousand GIGS. The current part of the database we decided to move over from our servers is 5TB. at the rate were moving it, thats 5000 hours. i am trying to get around this dilemma but alas having very few sponsors and not having a static IP im bound to run into more than a few of these snags. if you have any suggestions please contact me!

Update #2 Thursday September 29th 2011

We are currently experiencing problems with links. if you have any trouble please just copy the link and paste it in your address bar. We will provide a tutorial for those whom are not as internet savy as others. We are slowly moving our whole database over, please realize we have ALOT of Games & Movies alone to take care of, we are starting moving movies over that are requested! if you would like a movie please contact me and i will move it over immediately.

Update #1 Tuesday September 27th 2011 is now supporting us. a place where you can build virtual business cards!